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Uddhab KS


Software Engineer

I program computers to do things by writing software. I use different tools and resources to do this. I work with people in a team to get the computer to do things.

I have completed BE in computer. I have more than 4 years of work experience with some different techs and tools. I am good at designing parts of a system with a team to meet the requirements of the customer most of the time in previously agreed time.

I can do TDD, follow coding standards strictly, have concepts on general methodologies of how to work correctly. I am flexible on frameworks and programming language to use. I choose what I think is best or sometimes most familiar.

Some of tech tools I use most of the time have been trello, slack, gitlab with CI, Linux (debian), tests, docker, Ansible and a lot others. And there are a lot of other software and tools I have used over the years.

Symfony Object Oriented PHP Reactjs/Reduxjs Vue.js/Vuex.js TDD Docker Play framework / scala 

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